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 How to get famous on Instagram 2022!!

Gram is the new platform for influencers, bloggers and also it is taking a huge place in online business. As we can see, people are selling clothes, makeup, electronic gadgets, protein powders, shoes, snacks and what not. You name it and you will find it on Instagram. The growth of gram-business is increasing tremendously. So, in such situations, It is not easy to become famous in such a competitive field and you won’t get anything on Instagram if you’re not famous enough, if you wanna become famous then there are few tips for you which will help you in increasing your followers and likes on your posts.

Through Hashtag

The basic and easy way to get likes from hashtags. Use Trending hashtags in your new post. Your account must be open for public. Write hashtag related to your post and some top hashtags. There are some hashtags you should use…


Through Story 

In this trick, you must upload 1-3 story in 24h on your account. and use hashtags in your story too. And here is another way is to go and check unknown peoples story/accounts and give react/like to their post. 


You should check on your followers and post accordingly when most of them are online.it increases the possibility of getting likes.


It is also an important thing that increases your likes and followers. Write captions related to your post or ask interesting questions in comment season.   

Tag Your Location

A place can be clicked to display all the material that has been tagged there. It’s a clever approach to get more users to find your profile, which will eventually result in more likes.


Create your own unique concept for your profile to attract people. i.e.uploading all your post with same border each.


Keep the same pattern for all your posts.as you can see in the picture that the picture in the middle don’t have border while the posts on left and right have. As well as the pictures on the left and right side are the same.

Post Regularly

If you post regularly like thrice a week so that people can reach you through the location and hashtags that you have used. also, you should be in the trend and up to date.


Leave comments on popular posts like celebrities and meme’s post. there is a chance to get likes and followers. Or tell your friends to tag you in the popular posts like in memes.  

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