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photoshoot places in Ahmedabad

La Fabuloso

Your limited photography budget may not be able to fulfill your desire to shoot in a foreign area. You might think we’re joking, but we’re not! No. At La Fabuloso in Ahmedabad, you can have a foreign location shoot. Santorini House, Croatian Street, and Venice Street are among the more than 20 settings available at this scenic photography studio in Ahmedabad. Stepwell, village huts, historical wall, and more mind-blowing sets are available for individuals who prefer a vintage vibe.

The studio also offers individual makeup and changing rooms, a specialized photographer area, automobiles, blowers, smoke, bubble, snow machine, lights, and a variety of other props.

office: A – 706, One World Capital, Opposite Lane Of Orbit, Off Rajpath-Rangoli Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad 380054

Thol Lake

It is not just a photographer’s paradise, but also a naturalist’s and birdwatcher’s heaven. Throughout the year, a diverse range of bird species visits Thol Bird Sanctuary. Thol Lake is the greatest option for couples looking for a tranquil and gorgeous backdrop for their pre-wedding shoot. There is a water body, a green background, with many bird species chirping all around you. A photoshoot in the early morning is ideal.

This magnificent bird sanctuary spans a 7-kilometer region teeming with chirping birds. The tranquil landscape surrounding you will turn your photoshoot into a walk-in paradise.

Adalaj Stepwell

Adalaj Stepwell’s formation is reminiscent of a Bollywood film. The terrible story behind the five-story Indo-Islamic fusion architecture masterpiece is as follows: It is both a love and a death sign. Adalaj ni vav is one of Ahmedabad’s most beautiful pre-wedding shooting locations, with elaborate decorations and an architectural masterpiece. The Solanki architectural style structure, with delicately carved pillars and spectacular structure, is an ideal site for pre-wedding photoshoots if you value tradition.

Vintage Car Museum

Are you or your significant other antique vehicle enthusiasts? Right here in Ahmedabad, the Auto World Vintage Car Museum will make your dreams come true. The antique automobile photoshoot will be one-of-a-kind, not simply another cliched romance photoshoot.

The museum’s collection includes everything from Rolls-Royces to Bentleys to Maybachs and more. They also provide a limited-distance journey in a chauffeured antique car for a fee. This type of photoshoot will undoubtedly impress many people.

Sarkhej Roza

Another work of art that is ideal for pre-wedding picture shoots in Ahmedabad. Sarkhej Roza’s architecture is a mix of Hindu, Jain, and Islamic influences. The shooting at Sarkhej Roza will be magical, with a magnificent lake in the background. A spectacular photo opportunity exists at this gorgeous heritage site.

The ‘Acropolis of Ahmedabad’ is also known as Sarkhej Roza.

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